Shower Leak Repair

Atlas Tiles are specialists in the non-destructive repair of leaking showers.

Our sealing system is applied both over and underneath leaking tiles – targeting the underlying waterproof membrane to produce a full seal. This process is performed without damaging or removing your shower fittings or bathroom tiles.

All sealants are resistant to mould and wear and are available in a variety of colours to suit your bathroom decor. Our standard service is more cost-effective than a ’tiles removed’ solution.

We use the latest techniques and quality products to repair your leaking shower. All our work comes with competitive fixed prices as well.

The grout also breaks down over time and holes appear and the grout becomes porous. This allows water come into the adjoining walls that causes the harm to the carpet and walls etc. If the issue doesn’t fix then the water harm can unfold. This wetness will elevate timber floors and may attract white ants moreover. This leak can cause perpetually a moist smell within the house. There’ll be mould forming on the wet walls this may be harmful to your health. We are the specialists for your shower leak repair.