Residential Tiling

We have one of the prime ranges of Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone Floor tiles that’s sure to add furnish and quality to your home. We have professional knowledge of current trends and materials to give perfect modern look to your home. We provide full tiling service differing from designing, quoting and estimating the total project cost and time. From bathroom to entire house, our experience is vast. We attempt both big and small tiling projects with best of our knowledge.

Whether it is a wall and floor tiling, Kitchen tiling, balcony tiling, bathroom tiling, laundry tiling or bathroom renovation, we have a team of professional tilers who you can depend and trust on. Our range of services includes suggesting clients about tiles and color with decor options as well. Upon allowing, the suggestions are offered upon request. Atlas Tiling works with all kind of tiling services, i.e., Commercial, Residential and Bathroom Waterproofing in Perth.